Dean Sleger

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Dean Sleger



My name is Dean Sleger.  I grew up in Manitowoc and attended the Manitowoc Public School District myself.  Ironically, I actually attended Andrew Jackson Elementary School and am teaching in my former first grade classroom.  Now I am even working with some of my former elementary teachers.  How neat is that???  I have one sister and three brothers.  (I am the baby in the family and we ALL have the same initials; including my parents.)  In my spare time, I enjoy cooking (especially taco dip!), baking, fishing, reading (mysteries are my favorite), being outdoors, improving/updating my house; (such as painting rooms, remodeling, and re-decorating), being with my family and friends, working in my gardens, singing, acting, biking, hiking, and running.  Since I live within the Jackson Elementary School zone, you may see me run past your house someday.  I also keep involved with our local theater groups and am actively involved with Masquers Inc.  
            September marks my fifteenth year of teaching.  My second group of first graders graduated last school year.  (I am now feeling old!)  I used to be considered as a “looping teacher”; where I taught my students first grade and then looped up to second grade with them.  I have eight years of teaching first grade and five years of teaching second grade under my belt.
          Welcome to Jackson and a great 2015-2016 school year!